The School Day

Here's how the school day runs for students.

You are given five minutes between each class to get to your next lesson so you can get there on time.

You will be given your timetable on the first day of school.



8.25-8.50am Session 1 AM registration and Tutorial/Assembly
8.50-8.55am Changeover  
8.55-9.55am Session 2 Lesson
9.55-10.15am Break  
10.15-11.15am Session 3 Lesson
11.15-11.20am Changeover  
11.20am-12.20pm Session 4 Lesson
12.20-1.00pm Lunch  
1.00-2.00pm Session 5 PM registration and lesson
2.00-2.05pm Changeover  
2.05-3.05pm Session 6 Lesson