Why South Craven?

Working at South Craven means, as it does for all our staff, that you will share a common goal of helping all students achieve their potential. Staff have a passion for teaching and work together in a truly collaborative way. If you work with us you will find we are a "thinking school".

We are constantly using the latest evidence-based research to develop our teaching, which we see as a craft that takes time to develop. Our CPD programme aims to support each individual in their work. At the heart of our CPD is a relentless focus on developing classroom practice; what goes on in the classroom will always be our priority.

As a Red Kite Teaching Alliance Hub School we have a pivotal role in developing the next generation of new teachers. We are passionate about this work and have a dedicated team of skilful mentors and our work is viewed as "outstanding". Our NQT provision is excellent and if you come to us in your first year of teaching you will get the very best support from a mentor and a carefully developed Induction Programme. Recently Qualified Teachers are also supported and our staff have led the way in developing a programme which ensures the support doesn't end after your NQT year....


We asked our staff on a 2017 Training Day why they teach.

Here were some of their replies: