There will be no homework for the first two weeks.

Tutors will lead you into homework with all the information, advice and help you will need. In Year 7, students complete Task homework in English, Maths, Science, Geography / History and Languages. Each night, you will be set one Task, designed to take about 30 minutes to complete.

Homework Challenge Topics

Homework Challenge Topics are set in Art, English, Geography, Textiles, Product Design and History.

There are 11 Challenge Topics and you are given almost two weeks to complete each one. Form tutors give out and collect in the Topics.

The Topics are designed to help you become a South Craven Learner by encouraging you to:

  • Enjoy learning
  • Become more independent in your learning
  • Make use of research skills
  • Organise your time effectively
  • Use key skills such as Numeracy, Literacy, Citizenship and ICT;
  • Involve your whole family in the work being produced
  • Work with your form tutors to learn how to plan and organise big pieces of work effectively

With both Task and Topic work, you should be spending about one hour each night on homework. Some subjects may also set “Things to Do” homework, normally no longer than 10 minutes.

Getting Homework Help

  •  If you need help with homework, you can come to our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) in the Fells Building on Monday to Thursday from 3.10pm to 4.10pm.
  • There are lots of computers, books and staff to help you.