Teaching and Learning

At South Craven, we take an evidence-based and research-led approach to teaching and learning. 

That means the ways we train and encourage our staff to teach are grounded in current research in education and in the science of brains and learning.

South Craven LearnerSouth Craven Learner Wheel

For our learners, things start with the South Craven Learner. 

The nine traits grouped around courage, inquiry and growth, that will make them successful adults when they move on from their time here.

Learn to Learn

We also have a shared approach to teaching students how to ‘Learn to Learn.’

Students across the whole school are taught about effective independent learning strategies, grouped into four key areas:

  • Grasp It: The techniques for deliberate learning, to ensure you fully understand and remember
  • Quiz It: Strategies for self-testing how well you’ve learned something
  • Map It: Strategies are different ways of representing your learning in a visual way to help with learning and memory
  • Stick It: These are all the techniques you can use to strengthen your learning across a whole topic, which includes the practice of applying your knowledge to tasks and questions.  

You can find out more about all the ‘Learn to Learn It’ strategies by visiting the website link below.


Supporting Your Child with Exams (Year 11 Event)

21st November 2023

Supporting Your Child with Exams (Year 10 Event)

25th April 2024

Teaching and Learning Principles

Our teachers work to integrate the South Craven Teaching and Learning Principles. 

Not every lesson will have every single principle, but they represent what educational professionals agree are the ingredients for great teaching and learning.

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