Are You Ready for September?

Information for September 2024

Before you join us in September, there are some things you need to do first.

Make sure you read the information on this page which tells you what you need to bring with you, how to buy equipment at school and how your parents/carers can help.

Don't forget - if you have any questions, you can always ask us when you get here!

Getting Ready to Learn

It is very important that you are organised and attend each day with the right equipment. You can help by making sure that you have a weather resistant bag, large enough to carry A4 folders, with the following:

  • A pencil sharpener
  • A pencil
  • A ruler (30cm long)
  • A rubberBag Design.PNG
  • At least one pen (it is always useful to have a spare)
    *Pens should be blue or black ink, roller or ballpoint
  • A pair of compasses
  • A protractor
  • A scientific calculator*
  • A few coloured pencils
  • A notepad (this will be to record homework in until the iPad Scheme has started)

*We recommend the Casio fx-83gtx or fx-85gtx (for sale online and in supermarkets). 

We also expect all Year 7 students to bring a reading book to school every day.

During your first term, your parents will be given an opportunity to sign up to our iPad donation scheme, or you will be allowed to bring in your own device. Your school iPad or your own device will be used during lessons and to record your homework.

The devices will be one of the main ways that we communicate with you and your parents. If used properly, it will help you to be organised and to succeed. The device MUST be brought to school each day and used in every lesson.

Whilst the delivery of iPads is in progress, students will be expected to use a notepad to record essential information.

School iPad and BYOD Scheme

The use of tablet devices in the classroom has transformed how students learn here at South Craven.  We hope that all students will have access to a device (not a smartphone) for learning. Teachers combine the more traditional elements of learning with this new digital technology to make learning more varied and interactive. Students are given access to a range of digital applications which include;

  • Online planner app to help students and parents to view timetable, organise coursework and monitor homework.
  • A virtual learning environment (Google Classroom) provides students with access to learning resources before, during and after lessons.
  • Note-taking applications for recording and organising your written work.

You can find out more about the Bring Your Own Device Scheme (BYOD), and joining the iPad Donation Scheme here.

How Can Parents and Carers Help?

You can help by checking:

  • Your child has a copy of their timetable with them each day until devices are being used (the iPads will have an electronic copy of their timetable)
  • Once devices are in use, check that homework recorded electronically is being completed and ready to hand in on the due date