Performance Data

Key Stages 4 & 5


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all public examinations for the academic year 2019-2020 were cancelled. As a consequence, schools’ performance will not be judged as in previous years and no national school performance data will be available.

School data for the previous year 2018-19 appears below.

Key Stage 4

Progress 8 Score 0.11
Attainment 8 Score 47.9
Students achieving a ‘Good' pass at Grade 5 or above in English and Maths    41%
Students achieving the English Baccalaureate     18%
English Baccalaureate Average Point Score 3.97
Students staying in Education or entering Employment after Year 11 100%

Sixth Form

Average Result C
Average Points 29.38
Progress in Academic Qualifications -0.21

English and Maths Progress for students who did not achieve grade 4 in English and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 4 (English Progress Score)

Maths Progress Score 0.25


2018 Data
Students retained and assessed at the end of their main course of study 94%


2017 Data
Students in education, employment or training after completing at least one Level 3 qualification 95%
Students entering apprenticeships 2%
Students entering higher education 60%
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