Stakeholder Engagement in New MAT

South Craven School

Engagement on the proposal to be a founding partner in the formation of a new Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

Welcome to our Trust consultation and engagement webpage.

South Craven School, The Pennine Trust in Colne (Colne Park High, Blacko Primary, Laneshaw Bridge Primary and Lord Street Primary) and Pendle Vale College in Nelson are proposing to join together to form a new multi-academy trust. This organisation will serve young people across the Craven and East Lancashire regions. As we develop our plans for this new trust, we are keen to listen to the views of all of our stakeholders.

Why Are We Doing This?

Since 2011, South Craven School has really benefitted from being a Single Academy Trust (SAT), developing our own strong systems and working practices and ensuring the best possible education and support for our students.

By creating a larger organisation with The Pennine Trust and Pendle Vale College, we will be able to improve our provision even further as we work alongside two good strong secondary schools and three good or outstanding primary schools. The new trust will have the capacity and resources to support school improvement within the schools involved and across the wider area.

The new trust will have a clear sense of purpose, to develop highly ambitious schools which will make a real difference for all the learners across our community. All the schools involved hold similar values and work to these in their day to day practice. This alignment means we can build a very strong organisation with a clear identity and approach matched to the community we serve. The interim name for the Trust during the consultation period is “Northern Roses” but this is not a final decision and may change.

The schools involved are also close geographically and easily reached within a 30-minute car journey. This will make collaboration and sharing resources very realistic and achievable.

As part of a larger trust ‘family’, each school will have access to the expertise that a bigger organisation can afford and the ability to influence policy and developments across the region.

What Will This Mean for Each School?

We are not planning to make radical changes in any of our schools; they are all playing a successful and positive role in their communities.  After joining the new trust, the schools will have the same name, uniform and key staff as before.

However, over time, we will work to deliver increased school to school support and deliver efficiencies that will mean our staff can spend more of their time doing what matters most, teaching and supporting our young people.

Update on MAT Progress

Thank you to all parents who completed the online survey and attended the information evening about the proposal for South Craven to form a new Multi Academy Trust (MAT) alongside Pendle Vale College in Nelson and The Pennine Trust in Colne. All the parental feedback and questions were seen by Trustees, alongside detailed due diligence reports about the other schools involved and some early details of how the new MAT will function.

On Monday 20 May, the Trustees made the unanimous decision to move forward with the application to form the MAT as they believe it will make a real positive difference for our students in the future. However, the decision to move forward with the application is not the end of the process and we will now work very closely with the other organisations involved to ensure that the move is right for South Craven and our students. The final decision to form the MAT will not be taken for many months.

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