Protocol for Tablet Use

Protocol for Tablet Use                              

The following guidelines cover a wide range of potential issues and it is important that all students and parents are aware of them and that students know that it is their personal responsibility to adhere to them. Students should also adhere to the school network guidelines which are published on the school website.

Appropriate Use in School

Home School Agreement

All parents and students are required to read and agree to the terms and conditions specified in the relevant home school agreement for use of tablet devices in school. There is one for those who have signed up to the iPad donation scheme and one for those bringing in their own devices.


All school iPad come with a Dux protective case. This case must not be removed at any time because it is designed to protect the device and if removed this will invalidate the cover for accidental damage.

In Lessons
  • Students must bring their tablet into school every day, fully charged.
  • Students are responsible for good behaviour when using tablets just as they are anywhere in school. General school rules apply.
  • Some teachers will use tablets more than others in lessons. Some subjects and topics will be more suited to the use of the new technology than others.
  • Use of the tablet is always at the teacher’s discretion. Tablets should always be kept in bags and only be removed if a teacher gives you permission to do so. If the teacher feels you are not using your tablet responsibly they may ask you to put it away and/or issue a behaviour sanction.
  • Students should ensure that their device is locked with a passcode and ensure they never tell anyone this code. Picture-based unlock patterns on Android and other devices are also accepted. Any attempt to access another person’s device or interfere with their work or files will be dealt with very seriously. The IT Support Office will not be able to recover or reset passcodes or unlock patterns for users bringing their own devices so care should be taken to remember them.
  • Users of school iPad should also ensure that their iPad lock screen wallpaper has their name and form on it so it can be returned if lost or misplaced. Guidance on this will be given in the setup instructions.
  • Students who bring their own device should ensure that their device is easily identifiable by school staff, including their name, in case of loss.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their device is backed up regularly to whichever cloud service (iCloud, Google Drive etc) is applicable to their device.

Health and Safety

It is important to be aware of the risks to health of sitting in uncomfortable positions and staring at tablets for prolonged periods of time. We will monitor any musculoskeletal issues and take action if required. Students should try to limit the amount of time they spend on their tablet device. Teachers will not be using them in every lesson and not for the whole lesson. If students spend a large amount of time completing homework on their tablet they should take regular breaks and not spend time playing games on them afterwards.

Personal Safety

Students need to act sensibly and minimise the risk of personal danger.

They should:

  • Keep tablets in bags or out of sight on the way to and from school.
  • Make sure they are ‘safe’ at all times by not walking alone when it is dark and ensuring an adult always knows where they are.
  • Always hand over the device if approached. Personal safety is more important than anything else.

Camera/Microphone Use

The camera or microphone on the tablet device should not be used in school without permission of a teacher. Any use of the camera/microphone to photograph film or record a student, member of staff or visitor without their consent is strictly forbidden and will lead to a serious sanction.

Around School

Students should:

  • Ensure tablet devices are kept in bags when moving between lessons and at break and lunchtime.
  • Use the bag store at break and lunchtime to store bags safely. These rooms will only be open at the start and end of break and lunchtimes and there will only ever be access when a member of staff is present.
  • Follow instructions very carefully in PE lessons. PE changing rooms have new high security locks and will be carefully monitored during lesson times.
  • Understand that their tablet is their responsibility if a bag is left unattended and if the tablet is stolen; it will be the student’s responsibility.