Alumni Stories

Do you aspire to work in a certain field? At South Craven School we are proud to have alumni working and studying in many different areas.

Each of them has a different journey; click the links below to find out more about each of their paths after South Craven and what they did to get there.

For more information about any of our alumni please contact Miss Hickman, our Aspirations Coordinator on If you would like to join our Alumni, please fill out our form here.


Ben Rodwell.jpg    

Ben Rodwell

Architectural Assistant



Samantha Tyson.jpg    

Samantha Tyson


Front End Product Owner

Education and Social Care

Alistair Young Chloe Ward.jpg Courtney Baker.jpg

Alistair Young

Chloe Ward

Courtney Baker

Director of Sports
Performing Arts Teacher
Primary Education Student
Gabby Keating.png Georgia Burles Laura West copy.jpg

Gabby Keating

Georgia Burles

Laura West

PhD Student
Qualified Teacher
Counselling Service Manager
Matthew.jpg Nicholas Walton.jpg Rebecca Barrett.jpg

Matthew Minikin

Nicholas Walton

Rebecca Barrett

PGCE Student
Tuition Centre Manager
SEN Teacher
Yasmin Torres.jpg    

Yasmin Torres

Teacher Training Student


Jemma Persson.png    

Jemma Persson

Newborn Graduate Designer


Aiden Smith.jpg Georgia Rich.jpg Kate James 1.jpg

Aiden Smith

Georgia Rich

Kate James

Chartered Accountant Apprentice
Training and Development Supervisor
HR Coordinator

Health Care

Chloe Butlin.jpg David Longbotham.jpg Emily Bielby.jpg

Chloe Butlin

David Longbotham

Emily Bielby

Emergency Care Worker
NHS Doctor
Sexual Health Student
Emily Simons.jpg Isobel Wild.jpg Olivia 2.jpg

Emily Simons

Isobel Wild

Olivia Savoury

Adult Nursing Student
SEN Teacher
A&E Nurse
Daniel Richardson Rachel Ayres.jpg Ryan Morgan.png

Prof. Daniel Richardson

Rachel Ayres

Ryan Morgan

Professor in Sexual Health & HIV Medicine
Recruitment Consultant
Trainee Paramedic
Zoe Turner.jpg    

Zoe Turner

Specialist Respiratory Nurse


Bobbie Maiden.jpg    

Bobbie Maiden


International Relations

Erica Wiseman.jpg    

Erica Wiseman



Modern Languages Student


Lauren Wurzal.jpg Untitled-15.jpg  

Lauren Wurzal

Ben Farrar

Apprentice Legal Executive
Masters Student


Andy Catterall.jpg Brittany Whittingham Kelly.jpg

Andy Catterall

Brittany Whittingham

Kelly Cheung

Communications Executive
TV Production Coordinator

Performing Arts

Becca Robinson.jpg Catherine Gregory.jpg Katie Wilkinson.jpg

Becca Robinson

Catherine Gregory

Katie Wilkinson

Musicianship Student
Musical Theatre Student
Musical Theatre Student

Shannon Fleming


Dance and Drama Student


Frankie Coulthread 2.png James.jpg Lucy Sage.jpg

Frankie Coulthread

James Whitaker

Lucy Sage

Company Owner
Shift Production Manager
Health and Safety Technician
Oliver Birdsall.jpg Sophie Lonsdale 1.jpg  

Oliver Birdsall

Sophie Lonsdale

Aeronautical Engineering Student
Utilities Sector Worker