Enrichment & Work Experience

Enrichment Week 13th - 17th July 2020


Work experience is a valuable opportunity for you to gain some experience of the working world and its disciplines – perhaps even to clarify a career intention – and to gain an added incentive for school work in this your most important year.

We have found over the last couple of years that universities, colleges and employers are looking at other skills you have outside of school and some are not offering places without a set amount of work experience. Please seek and arrange your own placement for the date indicated – there is some flexibility with the date if required.

It is vital that you complete one of the attached application forms indicating whether you have arranged a work experience placement or if you will be volunteering in school.

We would recommend you try not to take a holiday during this week but if so then you need to fill in the appropriate holiday form (See application forms below).

Only fill in one form please.

No late applications for work experience will be processed after the deadline of 6th March. You will be expected to be in school if you have nothing in place.

For further details please see Maggie Burton in the LRC.

Work Experience Database for Year 12 Students

Case Studies

Guyson International
  • Two of our students attended work experience at Guyson International, which led to an apprenticeship
  • Case Study
  • Our student Ellie wrote an account of her work experience at Produmax
  • Case Study