Young Carers

Support is available to any of our Young Carers in school.Bronze Award

We understand that school and home life may be difficult for students with additional responsibilities, and offer a space in school where Young Carers of any age can get the support and guidance they need.

We are extremely proud to be accredited with a Bronze Young Carers in School Award, which recognises our efforts in supporting Young Carers with their school life. For more information on the Award, please click here.

What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is a person under 18 who cares, unpaid, for a person who has any type of physical and/or mental disability or misuses substances such as alcohol or drugs.

They may:

  • Look after a parent
  • Care for a sibling or other family member
  • Do extra jobs in and around the home (such as cooking, cleaning, or helping someone get dressed)
  • Give physical help to a family member who is disabled or ill
  • Give emotional support

Meet Our Young Carers Coordinator

Mrs Jackson is our Young Carers Coordinator in school. Mrs Jackson

She joined South Craven in 2008 and has worked with Young Carers in school since September 2019. She completed the Young Carer Aware course with 100% success.

She understands the importance of getting the right support for our students, whether that's giving them time and space to relax or liaising with Young Carers Resource where additional help is required. 

Students are welcome to talk to Mrs Jackson at any time about any concerns or issues they may have in school, regarding their role as a Young Carer.

Young Carers Form Time

Mrs Jackson holds a Young Carers Form during Monday form time in Fells Theatre.

This is an opportunity for Young Carers of all year groups to get together, have a chat and a biscuit and realise they're not alone. 

Students can attend the Form whenever they wish. While there is no obligation for a Young Carer to join, this is an ideal time to start the week off positively.

Young Carers are invited to join by Mrs Jackson, once the Young Carers Initial Assessment has been carried out.

Quotes from our Young Carers

We asked our Young Carers in Sixth Form how the support in school has helped them:

“Young Carers has helped me realise what being a carer means for me and my family. It has allowed me to get the support I needed. It has helped me to feel less alone and eased my fears. Young Carers provided the opportunity to get in touch with other services that could help me, as well as the acknowledgment of the difficulty that is part of maintaining balance in life when you're a carer. I felt comfortable enough to explain to teachers why I was struggling to keep up with work as a result. Since then, I was able to receive more support from them as well.”

“Young Carers has been a massive help to me in balancing all the stresses that come with school and home life. Knowing there’s always someone there to talk to if you need it is such a relief and gave me peace of mind whilst studying at south Craven. As well as the support in school, Young Carers provides students with emails and phone numbers that may be of use when you’re not at school, and even after you’ve left! There are form times that run, which is a lovely way to calm back down after a stressful weekend before starting studies again on Monday.”

“Young Carers has helped me to not feel stressed and anxious in lessons as I know they will always help me, no matter the problem.”

I think I'm a Young Carer. What do I do?

If you are a student and think you're a Young Carer, please fill out the form below which will be sent to Mrs Jackson.

She can arrange to meet you and discuss the support available.

I think my child is a Young Carer. What do I do?

If you are a parent/carer and would like to refer your child to Young Carers, please fill out the form below.

External Support

Young Carers Childrens2
Young Carers' Resource

Young Carers Resource supports Young Carers in the Bradford, Harrogate and Craven districts of Yorkshire. 

The Resource also works to provide opportunities and guidance for families.

The Children's Society

The Children's Society provides specialist support that empowers young people to make positive changes and rediscover their hope.

For Young Carer services in your area that are not Carers Trust services, click below: