It is important that you have your correct school uniform ready for when you begin in September.

See our list below for what you will need to wear:Uniform

  • Plain black tailored trousers with the school logo on left hand pocket
  • Plain black tailored skirt with the school logo fitted to the waist - to be worn with black opaque tights only (minimum 70 denier)
  • Plain black tailored shorts with the school logo to be worn with plain black or grey socks
  • Plain white polo shirt witih school badge
  • Plain bottle green round-necked sweatshirt with the school badge
  • Plain dark-coloured coat made of a water resistant material
  • Plain black shoes

PE Uniform

All students:
  • Plain black shorts with school badge or black non see-through leggings
  • Plain red polo shirt (short sleeves with collar) with school badge
  • Red/black reversible rugby type shirt (available at stockists) with school badge (boys only)
  • Red football socks (only to be worn in Key Stage 3 and for extra-curricular teams where shin pads need to be worn) - for hygeine reasons these cannot be the same socks worn that day for school
  • Shin pads – compulsory for all for playing football/hockey
  • Plain black hoodie with school badge or fleece with school badge (compulsory for girls only)
  • Any colour trainers as long as they are not the pupils school shoes (these can also be worn during drama lessons)
  • Football boots: either moulds or blades - these can be used on the astro turf provided no metal tips are on the blades or studs
  • Towel
Optional Items:
  • Gum shield – (optional recommendation for rugby/hockey)
  • Swimming trunks (optional – to wear under shorts and can be worn when showering)
  • South Craven waterproof, (optional – to wear for appropriate outdoor activities) with school badge
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms with school badge (optional – to wear for appropriate outdoor activities)
  • Plain black games skirt with school badge (shorts to be worn underneath games skirt)
  • Astroturf trainers (optional for hockey and football)

NOTE: For health and safety reasons, earrings must NOT be worn in any PE lesson and fingernails should be kept short (ie no longer than 2mm, including false nails)

Head Coverings

  • If girls wish to cover their head for religious or cultural observance they should wear a plain black or white cotton scarf, which must be securely fastened
  • Students may also wear a plain black salwar kameez
  • If there are any other issues concerning uniform, these need to be discussed with the Head of Year
  • However, the Governors reserve the right to insist on our uniform policy

Hair, Jewellery and Tattoos 

  • Jewellery must be discreet
  • For reasons of health and safety only one earring in each ear is allowed
  • Earrings MUST be small studs or sleepers and must be able to be removed for PE
  • The wearing of multiple earrings in each ear is NOT allowed
  • There should be no other visible body piercing including tongue piercings
  • A signet ring (only one ring), one bracelet or wrist band and a fine neck chain may be worn
  • There must also be NO visible tattoos – it is in any case illegal for a child under the age of 16 to have a tattoo
  • Hair should be worn in a style suitable for school - if in doubt about a particular style, please contact your Head of Year BEFORE having it styled

Make Up

  • Nail varnish and make up is not allowed in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • Students in Year 11 are allowed to wear clear nail varnish and discreet make up.


  • If a T-shirt is worn underneath the polo shirt it MUST NOT be visible through the material or at the neck of the polo shirt
  • Shirts should be tucked in or overlap the waistband of trousers or skirt
  • Belts must be plain black; other colours or patterned belts are not acceptable

The following items are NOT allowed in Years 7 to 11:

  • Hooded sweatshirts or sweatshirt jackets
  • Garments made of denim, leather, velvet, canvas, lycra, brushed cotton or types of material that will fade when washed
  • Jackets with tassels, badges or studs or printed with the names of rock bands or other cult figures
  • Polo neck, turtle neck jumpers
  • Cropped trousers, leggings
  • Bizarre hairstyles including shaven patterns or unnatural hair colours
  • Impractical footwear, e.g. backless shoes, flimsy sandals or high-heeled shoes - toes and heels must be covered by footwear
  • Badges, other than those awarded by the school

NOTE: Because this list can never be totally exhaustive, we hope that members of the school will use common sense as to the suitability of trends and fashions for school wear.