Students and Staff Take on Golf Challenge

Year 12 students Huey and Alex took on the Longest Day Golf Challenge on 18th June, alongside staff members Mr Dyson and Mr Lonsdale.

Their day started at 2.45am, as the players needed to be at the course early to ensure they completed all 100 holes in the day. The team started in high spirits, with an earlier-than-expected tee time of 4.15am. The first few holes were plain sailing with only a few lost balls, and they were making good progress and sticking to time.

By mid-morning, a quarter of the way through, the players were still going strong with some great golf. By lunchtime, the team had already been playing eight and a half hours. Their 10-minute lunch stop turned out to be their only break throughout the whole day!

Mr Dyson said, "Bradford Golf Club were fantastic hosts. The golf course was in amazing condition, which played into Huey's hands. He carded back to back rounds of 66 (-5 under Par) by playing some outstanding golf."

The day was an overwhelming success. 17 hours, 20 minutes, 50km and over 2,000 golf shots later, the team finally made it to the last hole - just as darkness was coming in.

Mr Dyson said, "I couldn’t think of a better way to raise money for such a great charity. We are reaching the £4,000 mark for Macmillan Cancer Research. A massive thank you from myself and the rest of the team for anyone that has already donated."

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