Plan for Reopening School to All Students - September 2020

First Week of Term 7th – 11th September:

We are implementing a staggered start to the term to allow Year 7 and Year 12 students the opportunity to complete the induction activities that did not happen during the summer term. This means that not all year groups will be in every day. We also want to give all the other year groups plenty of time and space to reacquaint themselves with school expectations and learn about the new rules and routines around the school site.  All year groups will have extended tutor time sessions and year group assemblies to help them settle in and give them opportunities to ask questions.

Monday 7th September 
  • Staff Training Day 
Tuesday 8th September
  • Years 7, 11 and 12 will be in school
Wednesday 9th September
  • Years 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 will be in school
Thursday 10th September
  • Years 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13 will be in school
Friday 11th September
  • All Year Groups will be in school

Reopening Strategy

According to government guidance, in order to significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 and to create a safe environment, schools are required to implement the essential elements of a system of controls which are:

  • Ensuring individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 or live in the same household or social bubble as someone who has symptoms do not attend school.
  • Ensuring good respiratory and hand hygiene.
  • Ensuring there is enhanced cleaning arrangements in place.
  • Minimising contact between individuals and maintaining social distancing wherever possible.

In light of this guidance our plans are below:

Health and Safety

  • A full updated risk assessment has been developed and will be shared with parents before 8th September and published on the website.
  • Individual risk assessments will also be in place for PE, Performance, Music, Art and Technology lessons and School Catering.
  • There will be clear safety procedures in place in the event of a fire drill, and for visitors and contractors on site.
  • Any parents wishing to come into school to meet with a member of staff must have a pre-arranged appointment. Any face to face meetings in school will be discouraged.
  • In order to keep our records up to date, please ensure that your email your child’s Head of Year if any contact details have changed recently.

Social Distancing / COVID Secure

  • All classrooms have been adapted (where possible) with the desks facing forwards and clear floor markings are in place to indicate where teachers should remain to ensure that they maintain the 2 metre distance from students.
  • All classrooms will be adequately ventilated via doors and windows where possible and safe to do so.
  • Provisions are in place to ensure all students sanitise their hands as they enter the school site, at the start of every lesson, in the dining halls, and after using the toilet.  
  • Individual Year groups will remain in “bubbles” throughout their time in school meaning that there will be staggered breaks and lunchtimes to avoid the year groups mixing, and a one-way system will be in place around school to avoid congested corridors, entrances and exits.  There will be clear signage around school.
  • Students will leave all lessons on the bell to avoid crowding around classrooms and corridors. There will be an extra 5 minute movement time built into the timetable after each lesson. Students should enter lessons as they arrive at the classroom unless the teacher is not present.  There will be designated entries and exits for all rooms.
  • The Catch it, Kill it, Bin it approach will be consistently promoted.
  • Students will not be allowed to share equipment or resources with each other at any time and should come fully equipped in September. Students should have:
    > A large school bag which is big enough to carry their PE kit
    > A tablet device (Not Year 7 students)
    > 3 black or blue pens, a pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler, protractor, glue stick, colouring pencils and a pair of compasses.
    > A bottle of water - the drinking fountains will not be in use.
    > Packed lunch, snacks and their cashless catering payment card.
  • Student tablets will be used as much as is possible. 
  • In line with government guidance, it is strongly recommended that students wear a face covering over their mouth and nose when walking in corridors during changeover and in communal areas. Students will not be expected to wear face coverings in classrooms.

The School Day


  • School will start at 8:25am for all students, those that arrive early will be expected to go into their tutor rooms by 8:15am to avoid mixing in large groups on site.
  • At the end of the school day Year 7, 8 and 9 students will leave the site at 3:05pm and Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 students will leave at 3:10pm to avoid crowding at the school exits.
  • All students are encouraged to bring snacks, drinks and lunch to school as we will only be able to provide a limited selection of food.
  • We are operating the cashless catering system but cards can only be topped up online via parent pay.
  • Free School Meals will continue to be available for those students who are entitled.

Breaks will be split into 3 separate sittings during session 3 at 10am, 10:25am and 10:50am with two year groups taking break at the same time.  Upper school will be based in the Airedale Hall and outside area, Lower school will be in Craven Hall and the Year 9 area and cage and Sixth Form will be in the Sixth Form Centre and the outside area around Airedale Hall.  There will be a tuck shop service in both Craven and Airedale Halls and the hatch will be open to Sixth Form students only.  

Lunch times will work in the same way as break with start times of 12:35pm 1:05pm and 1:25pm. Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form will have separate lunch times and may still visit the village or buy lunch from school. Students in Years 7 - 9 will go to Craven Hall as usual. The same social areas will be used as at breaktime to avoid noisy corridors and disruption to other lessons. If you do not want your child in Year 10 or 11 to visit the village please email their Head of Year. Please be aware that they will be required to wear face coverings in the shops and cafes in the village.


  • There will be an enhanced whole school cleaning schedule in place throughout the school day for toilets and social areas.
  • Classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and cleaning materials restocked at the end of each day.
  • Desks and chairs in classrooms will be sanitised at the end of each lesson before a new group enters.
  • Access to toilets will be monitored by staff at social times to ensure social distancing takes place.

Behaviour and Attendance

  • Attendance is mandatory for all year groups and the usual monitoring and chasing up of absences will resume.
  • Punctuality to school is crucial as we support students in year group bubbles. Please support us by ensuring your child arrives on time.
  • Parents and students will receive copies of the updated behaviour and attendance policies before the start of the term to ensure that they are fully aware of the expectations around the school site including:
    > Safe corridor and classroom behaviour
    > Responding to instructions in the classrooms
    > Social distancing from staff and other students
    > Issues around the confiscation of items
  • There will be no changes to expectations around uniform.


  • We will be maintaining our ambitious and broad curriculum and student timetables have remained the same.  Initially, extra-curricular activities will not run but we will aim to work with teachers and faculties to develop this.
  • There will be a clear contingency plan in place in case we have to return to remote learning at any time.


  • The school encourages students to cycle, walk or get a lift to school as the bus companies have not guaranteed that our students will travel in their year group “bubbles.”  We understand that this could be a problem for many parents and would urge all students travelling on buses to wear a face covering during the journey, behave responsibly while travelling and queue in a respectful and socially distanced manner whist waiting for the bus.
  • If you do drive your child to school we ask all parents to drop them off in the bus park and organise a place off the school site to pick your child up at the end of the day.
  • Students arriving on buses will be supervised by SLT.  They will be expected to sanitise their hands after they remove their face coverings in the bus park.

Managing Cases of COVID-19

  • If your child or someone in your household or support bubble show any symptoms of COVID-19 at home, your child must not attend school.  Please contact Mrs Boardman for years 7 – 11 and Mrs Smith for years 12 and 13 as soon as you become aware that your household or social bubble will need to self-isolate on 01535 632861.
  • If your child show symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at school, they will be removed from lessons and isolated in an empty classroom. We will call home immediately and ask you to collect your child. We would then expect you to follow the Test, Track and Trace procedure and to contact school with any relevant information.
  • Students may wear face coverings in the classrooms if recommended by their GP.
  • The school will follow local health team advice when managing any confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst the school community.

Student Support

  • According to various advisory bodies schools are not currently considered high risk settings for contracting COVID-19 and therefore it is appropriate for all students to return to school in September.
  • Students who are clinically vulnerable or extremely clinically vulnerable can return to school in September but they need to follow the “sector specific measures” in the DFE guidance for the full opening of schools in September, with particular focus on observing good hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • The DFE guidance states that shielding measures were paused from 1st August 2020 and students who have previously been shielding should return to school.  However, this pause in shielding is not in effect in areas where local lockdown is in place.  I am aware that many students live in areas where there are currently local lockdown restrictions.
  • I would urge any shielding students, clinically vulnerable students or anyone with any concerns to contact the below via email:
    > Year 7, 8 and 9 - Mr Patrick Hughes: 
    > Year 10 and 11 - Miss Sarah Taylor:
    > Year 12 and 13 - Mrs Andrea Taylor: 
  • We recognise that children will have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways and that the return to school may cause some students anxiety or stress. As always, we will continue to support our students through a range of wellbeing initiatives and through our strong pastoral care. Please get in touch with your child’s Head of Year if you have any concerns. Your child’s Head of Year will contact your child via email before we return to school.
  • Our Learning Support team, under the new leadership of Mrs Lowrie, will be fully focussed on supporting our SEND students from the first day of term.

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