Trustees Information and Duties

Emma Benn Chair of Trustees Term of Office 12.03.2026
Terry Hawley   Term of Office 09.05.2027
David Harvey   Term of Office 09.05.2027
Robert Bellfield   Term of Office 26.11.2026
Colin Mellors   Term of Office 26.11.2026
Trust Appointed Trustees
Sam Cramby Vice Chair of Trustees, SEND, Health and Safety Term of Office 20.06.2024
Amer Sarai   Term of Office 25.11.2027
Darren Minton CP and Safeguarding Trustee Term of Office 20.06.2024
Ruth Arslan   Term of Office 22.11.2025
Jane Ogston Chair Finance, Audit and Risk Term of Office 22.11.2025
Vicky McKenzie   Resigned 26.09.2022
Elected Parent Trustees
MaryAnne Loiacono   Term of Office 22.11.2025
Brendan Simpson   Term of Office 22.11.2025
Elected Staff Representatives
Kika Masters    
Paul Morrison   Resigned 26.09.2022
Wendy Hamilton   Resigned 26.09.2022
Ex-Officio Trustee (Headteacher)
Martyn Hill    

Attendance at Meetings (Year Ending 31 August 2022)

Emma Benn 10  
Terry Hawley 4 Resigned 21.11.2022
Amer Sarai 9  
Darren Minton 5  
Sam Cramby 11  
Ruth Arslan 11  
Jane Ogston 12  
MaryAnne Loiacono 10  
Brendan Simpson 6  
Martyn Hill 12  
David Harvey 2 Resigned 22.11.2021
Vicky McKenzie 0 Resigned 26.09.2022
Kika Masters 1 Resigned 26.09.2022
Paul Morrison 0 Resigned 26.09.2022
Wendy Hamilton 0 Resigned 26.09.2022