Extended Project Qualification

An EPQ is an opportunity for you to undertake a piece of independent research, guided by tutors.

Your project can be chosen from four types; dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact.

Entry Requirements

Grade 4 in GCSE English Language

EPQ Options


  • Research is presented in the form of an extended essay
  • 5000-6000 words in length


  • Research is based on an aspect of psychology
  • This is presented in a report of 4000-5000 words in length
  • Teaching of research methods and additional support will be given in Psychology lessons

You must be doing A Level Psychology to choose this option.


  • You will develop a performance for an audience
  • You will use your research to select and evaluate prospective material and techniques
  • Your performance is recorded and submitted to the examiner
  • The performance is accompanied by a written report of 1500-3000 words

You do not need to be studying A Level/BTEC Performance to choose this option.


  • You will use your research to develop, build and evaluate a physical artefact
  • Examples include a sculpture, engineering model etc.
  • Photographs of the finished artefact will be submitted to the examiner
  • Your artefact will be accompanied by a written report of 1500-3000 words

Why should I do it?

EPQ demonstrates your ability to work independently, your willingness to expand your knowledge in an area of interest and your mastery of many of the skills necessary for success in Higher Education, training or employment. Due to this it is valued by universities, work based training and employers.

The EPQ gives you another topic to discuss on your personal statement, particularly if your project relates to your choice of career or course at university. However, you do not have to choose an EPQ that relates directly to your later studies

EPQ is worth UCAS points, which will support an application to university. Each EPQ grade is awarded 50% of the UCAS points awarded to that same grade A Level. This is higher than AS grades which are awarded 40%, so a grade in EPQ will gain more UCAS points than the same grade at AS.

How will I be assessed?

Although marks in EPQ are awarded for the final product (essay, investigation, performance or artefact), the majority of the marks are awarded for how you have gone about developing, presenting and evaluating your work.

Throughout this process you will be supported by a tutor who will work with you closely, often on an individual basis. Your tutor will help you follow your own interests and develop skills that will support both your other Sixth Form studies and your future.