Dress Code

We do not prescribe a specific Sixth Form uniform but, in giving you such freedom of choice regarding clothing, we do expect a mature and cooperative response to the stipulations on clothing that we do insist upon.

Our expectation is that you come to school dressed appropriately for a place of work and that you adhere to these expectations knowing that it is right for our ethos and for the climate we are trying to establish in the school.

Our stipulations are as follows:

  • You must wear your lanyard with an ID badge at all times and this must be visible
  • Tops must be free of slogans that could be deemed offensive
  • Shorts’ legs must reach to the knee or thereabouts
  • Jeans/trouser legs must not be ripped in the upper thigh region
  • Skirts must be at knee length or, if shorter, then worn with thick black tights
  • Leggings must not be see-through
  • Thigh-high boots are not permitted
  • Underwear must not be visible
  • Crop tops are not permitted
  • Off the shoulder tops or strappy tops are not permitted

The expectations are that you manage your clothing with all of the above in mind. If you choose to flout these guidelines and ignore these stipulations your parents will be informed and you may be sent home to change.


As we have no uniform in Sixth Form, you must wear your lanyard at all times. This must be visible and have your ID card in at all times. If you forget your lanyard you must get a temporary card from either Ruth or Mrs Clough, leaving your phone/keys as a deposit. If you persistently fail to bring your lanyard then you may be sent home to get it.

This is not only for identification purposes but a safeguarding requirement.