Dress Code

We do not have an official uniform but we do expect you to come to school dressed appropriately for a place of work.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • No jeans with rips in the upper thigh region
  • No thigh-high boots
  • Skirts must be at knee length or if shorter then worn with thick black tights
  • No see-through leggings
  • No tops with slogans that could be deemed offensive
  • No visible underwear
  • No crop tops

If you choose to flout these guidelines you may be sent home to change and there will be serious consequences for repeat offenders.


As we have no uniform in Sixth Form, you must wear your lanyard at all times. This must be visible and have your ID card in at all times. If you forget your lanyard you must get a temporary card from the Sixth Form Study Centre, leaving your phone/keys as a deposit. If you persistently fail to bring your layard then you may be sent home to get it. This is not only for identification purposes but also a safeguarding requirement.