Donation Scheme iPad Setup Guide

Setting Up the iPad

This guide will take you through the necessary steps to get your iPad from being wrapped in its box to being ready to use in school. Our students and parents will all have different levels of technical ability so we have intentionally written the guide at a level that everyone can follow.

Even if you are familiar with some of the steps, we would encourage you to read through them in case we have suggested a different setting or approach to what you might otherwise anticipate.

On the back page, there is a table where you may enter your various usernames if you choose to.

The Basic Process

  1. Unboxing and securing the device
  2. Apple setup
  3. Further setup and ongoing use

Step One: Unboxing and Securing the Device

  1. Remove the iPad from its box and ensure you have the iPad, both parts of the charger, and the USB-to-Lightning charger cable (under the cardboard sleeve).
  2. Remove the plastic from the L-shaped part of the charger, then slide the two parts together with the metal bit sliding into the notch in the grey plastic.
  3. Remove the Dux case from its packaging.
  4. Locate the last page of the hard copy of these instructions (distributed with your ipad), where you will find a cut-off slip. This is so we can return lost iPads to their rightful owners when everyone has the same cases throughout school.
  5. Complete the slip, then cut it out along the solid outside line.
  6. After removing the two plastic coverings from the rear of the iPad, place the completed slip of paper face-down (so the writing is visible through the plastic from behind) in the middle of the Dux case.
  7. Insert the iPad into the case, making sure the round ‘home’ button is at the bottom, with the case flap to the left. It is a snug fit so press it in very carefully until all the edges are surrounded by the case. Please take care to press at the edges of the iPad so as not to put your thumbs through the glass – this damage is NOT covered by our insurance.

If you are not accustomed to using an iPad or other touch-screen device, the following may help:

  • Most iPad interaction is done by lightly pressing with your finger on the screen, either on buttons or in text boxes, or by swiping the screen in various directions.
  • Whenever you need to enter text, you usually need to press on the box where the text is going to go - an onscreen keyboard will appear for you to type on.
  • On the keyboard, the ‘shift’ key is the up arrow on both sides. Double-pressing the shift key will put it into the equivalent of ‘Caps Lock’ mode on your PC. Press it again to release Caps Lock mode.
  • Pressing the 123 button will give you access to the numeric and punctuation keys such as @ and £. From there, press the #+= key to get even more punctuation keys.
  • To hide the keyboard if you don’t want to type on it, press the bottom-right-hand key.
  • Apps are launched by clicking on them on the home-screen. Once the first screen is full, you can swipe right/left to get to further screens.
  • Pressing the ‘Home’ button (the round button on the front of the iPad) will take you to the home screen wherever you are.

Step Two: Apple Setup

  1. Power on the device by pressing the power button on the top-right edge of the iPad - hold your finger on the button until the Apple logo appears. Press the home button when you see the ‘Hello’ message.
  2. Press on ‘English’ then ‘United Kingdom’.
  3. You now need to connect to your home wireless network. If you don’t know the details for your wireless network, they are often pre-printed on the base of your internet router, which will be near a phone socket or your incoming TV cables. If you don’t have a wireless network at home, you will need to follow these steps in school; please ask one of the IT Support team for temporary access to the wifi network for you to setup your device.
  4. Choose ‘Enable Location Services’.
  5. At the prompt for ‘Apps & Data’; choose ‘Set up as New iPad’.
  6. You will now be informed that South Craven will automatically configure your iPad. Press NEXT to continue.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your (student’s) school network username and password - this is the same username and password that you use to log onto a school computer. Enter these then press NEXT.
  8. You will be prompted to create a passcode. Please press Passcode Options and choose 4-digit numeric passcode. This must be four numbers and must not be simple sequences such as 1234.
  9. Confirm the passcode by re-entering it.
  10. You will now be prompted for an ‘Apple ID’. As part of this scheme, we very much encourage you to set up a new Apple ID using your school email address. The iPad will be registered against this Apple ID and all of the initial configuration of the device will be done using it. Using your school email address will enable IT Support to reset the account if you have problems in school or when you leave school and return the device. Students under the age of 13 are not permitted by Apple to hold an Apple ID in their own name. The reason for this is that in the USA federal law restricts what personal data website operators such as Apple may collect from those under the age of 13. In the UK, the equivalent UK law applies to those under the age of 11, not 13. For this reason, in order to set up an Apple ID for students under the age of 13, we recommend you enter the correct day and month of birth, but subtract two years from the year of birth in order to pass Apple’s validation. If you are not comfortable with this, we recommend you create the account in the name of a parent, but still using the student’s school email address.
  11. Press the blue link ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’
  12. Press ‘Create a Free Apple ID’ 13. Enter your date of birth, remembering to subtract two years from it if you are under 13, then press NEXT.
  13. Enter your first and last name, then press NEXT.
  14. Press ‘Use your current email address’.
  15. Enter your (student’s) school email address, which if your school username is 123456 would be, then press NEXT. This is hereafter known as your Apple ID.
  16. We suggest you un-select “Apple News & Announcements” by tapping the green button so it slides to the left.
  17. Choose a password you will remember, then press NEXT. This password needs to be at least 8 characters in length containing at least one capital letter and one numeric character. This is hereafter known as your Apple ID password. Please make a note of this password as you will need it continually throughout your time at South Craven School.
  18. You will now be prompted for a phone number to verify your identity – this will be used every time you log into your Apple account. IT Support will need your child to have access to THIS phone number should you have any technical problems in school, so setting it to a landline or parents’ mobile phone number is NOT recommended. Please use the students’ own mobile phone number at this point. (Use of the phone in school for this purpose will not be punished)
  19. Leave “Text Message” ticked and press NEXT.
  20. You will now receive a text message from Apple on the number you entered. Enter the six digit number from the text into the “Verification Code” prompt on the iPad.
  21. The terms and conditions are displayed. Press AGREE at bottom right if you agree. This may take a couple of minutes.
  22. Choose ‘Get Started’.
  23. A message will be shown prompting for App Installation. Press CANCEL at this point. You may have to dismiss this message several times, even throughout the next few steps. This is our system sending school apps to the device, but it is a bit too eager as your new account needs verifying first.
  24. At any random point from now on, you may also receive a pop-up on the iPad asking whether to add your email address for iMessage and Facetime - choose yes. 
  25. To verify your Apple ID, you need to log in to your school email, preferably on another PC/laptop/device, but you can do it via the iPad’s browser if you wish. Once the iPad is fully configured later, you will be able to use the built-in mail app, but for now you need to do it manually.
  26. On any device, launch the browser and go to - log in with your school username (not the full email address) and school password and find the email entitled ‘Verify your Apple ID’. Click the blue ‘Verify now’ link in the email.
  27. (You may have one or more other emails from Apple for information only - you can ignore them at this stage. If you receive such emails in the future, saying you have signed into a new device, please pay attention to them - particularly if you HAVEN’T just signed into a new device - and report any concerns to IT Support.)
  28. When prompted, confirm your school email address and enter the password you entered for your Apple ID earlier. When you press ‘Continue’ it will tell you your email address is verified, but your account isn’t active yet. That’s ok – you don’t need to go and activate your account even though it says so.
  29. Back on the iPad, find the App Store icon and click it. You may need to swipe-left to find it. Choose ‘Allow’ to let the app store access your location.
  30. Scroll down right to the bottom and click the ‘Sign In’ button.
  31. Press ‘Use existing Apple ID’ and enter the Apple ID and password you created earlier and press OK.
  32. When prompted, press ‘Review’.
  33. When prompted for country, ensure UK is selected. Tap the slider next to ‘Agree to Terms & Conditions’ so it goes green, then press NEXT.
  34. You will now be asked to complete your Apple ID, starting with your ‘Title’. Select Mr/Miss as appropriate.
  35. Tap the green slider against ‘Apple Updates’ so it goes grey then press NEXT.
  36. You will now be prompted for your billing information and address. It is up to the parent and student to decide whether they will provide credit/debit card details. You can use the iPad and any free apps without incurring any further costs, in which case you can opt not to provide card details. If in the future you wish to purchase paid apps, you can change your mind and provide card details at that time. If you know now that you do intend to purchase paid apps you may enter your card details at this stage.
  37. In the Payment Method section, either leave the selection at ‘None’ or enter your relevant card details.
  38. You must provide your address even if you aren’t providing card details. You may need to scroll down the page (swipe up with your finger) to get to the rest of the sections. The ‘Street’, ‘Town’, ‘Post Code’ (with space after BD20/BD21/BD22) and ‘Phone’ boxes are required. Press NEXT when finished.
  39. If you are prompted to Sign into the iTunes Store, re-enter your Apple ID Password. Next press ‘Continue’ to dismiss the ‘Apple ID Completed’ message.
  40. Press the ‘Home’ button then find the app called ‘SCS Apps’ - this is a mini app store containing apps that we recommend you install. You are welcome to browse this at any point and install any of the apps you think would benefit you. Teachers might also ask you to download specific apps from here for their lessons. See section three (overleaf) for notes regarding the Google apps.
  41. Choose ‘Airwatch Agent’ from the ‘SCS Apps’ store and press ‘Install’ twice. You may be prompted again for your Apple ID password.
  42. If you receive the prompt “Sign-in Required”, enter your password and press to proceed.
  43. If you are asked whether to prompt for password ‘every time’ or ‘after 15 minutes’ we advise to prompt ‘every time’ for security so other students cannot borrow the iPad and download apps via your credit card.
  44. If you are asked whether to save the password for free apps, we’re happy for it to be saved.
  45. Press the ‘Home’ button.
  46. Launch ‘Airwatch Agent’ once it finishes installing/loading. Choose ‘Allow’ when prompted to allow Notifications. Then ‘Allow’ the Agent to access your location – this allows IT Support to locate your iPad when it gets lost in school.
  47. Look for a green tick next to ‘Device Enrolled’ then press the home button to dismiss.
  48. Go back to the ‘SCS Apps’ store and install the other apps listed, entering your Apple password if prompted.
  49. When you are prompted “This application requires iOS 11”, press OK. You’ll update iOS later in these steps.
  50. Find the ‘Settings’ App on the first screen and launch it.
  51. This will prompt you for your School Email password. Enter your school network password and press ok.
  52. Still in the Settings app, press General on the left hand side then select Software Update on the right hand side. The device will check for the latest version of iOS software (11.2.1 at the time of writing). Follow the prompts to download it and install it. This will take 20-30 minutes and you will likely be prompted for your Passcode and/or Apple ID username/password during this process.

Step Three: Further Setup and Ongoing Use

You have now completed all the mandatory steps to get your device setup and enrolled in the school scheme. If we make any changes or require you to change anything, we will let you know via the student notice-boards on the VLE, and via the Bring Your Own Device page on the website.

Google Apps: When you first launch any of the Google apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Classroom) it will prompt you to sign into Google. On the first page, your username is your full school email address (e.g. and your school network password. You may then be taken to a second login page which mentions signing into South Craven School. You should just enter your school network username and password at this point.

When you bring the iPad into school, it should automatically connect to the SCraven_Student wifi network. Each morning, or the first time you use your device each day, you will need to launch the Safari browser which will prompt you to login with your computer username and password. If you don’t do this, you will not be able to access the internet or email.

From time to time, Apple will release updates to iOS (the software that runs your iPad). When they come out, a little red badge will appear on the Settings icon on your iPad. When Apple announce each update, we will post a notice on the VLE telling you whether we want you to update or not - for small updates, such as iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.2, we will probably say yes. For the big updates, such as iOS 10 > iOS 11, we will ask you to wait a week or two in case there are bugs that need ironing out first. Students should NEVER sign up to Beta releases of iOS software.

Similarly, the apps you have installed on the device, either from us or from the app store, will need updating at various times - just launch the app store, press on ‘Updates’ at the bottom right, and press ‘Update all’. You may be prompted for your Apple ID password at this point.

You have access to most settings on the device - feel free to launch the settings app and change them to suit your use of the device; some settings are managed by South Craven and will not let you change them.

You are welcome to install any suitable and appropriate apps on the device. If you suspect that the IT Support team would probably ask you to remove an app if they found it then it probably shouldn’t be there at all. IT Support can view what apps are installed on your device at any point should we deem it necessary or should a teacher have reason to believe there is something inappropriate on it.

The primary use of this device is for educational learning; if you fill it up with personal photos and games so there’s no room left for school documents and apps then you will have to remove them. Remember that the device remains the property of South Craven School until the end of the scheme, and we can confiscate it if necessary.