COVID-19 Home Testing

Every student will be issued with a home testing kit which they will sign for in their form. If they are absent on the day of issue then they will receive one on the first day of their return to school. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Follow the instructions in the separate booklet which comes with the kit prior to taking the test (students will go through this with their form tutors) - please see the YouTube video below for further instruction
  • Take the test on a Monday and Thursday first thing before breakfast
  • Log the result on the Government website
  • Log the result on the South Craven School Form

What Happens if the Result is Positive?

  • Contact school directly
  • Stay off school and self-isolate
  • Book a PCR test

Students do not have to take the test, but they are required to collect one from school.

Please send any queries to