What are the entry requirements?

To enter South Craven Sixth Form you need to have achieved 9-4 (A*-C) at GCSE, or passes in other level 2 qualifications (e.g. BTEC, OCR Nationals), in at least 5 separate subjects including English Language or Maths. This is considered to be the minimum entry requirement. If you are taking a reduced programme e.g. due to illness, an adjustment will be made and an offer made which recognises this situation. Each subject also has specific entry requirements (see below).

If you believe that you cannot meet any requirement because of the curriculum you are following, you should discuss this with the Sixth Form team or Year 11 DoLA (internal applicants only). A conditional offer may be agreed in these cases but this must be done before GCSE results are known.

Choosing your courses

Under our core curriculum you can choose 3 A Levels, BTECs or a mixture of the two. You should think about where you are gaining success at the moment. If your BTEC grades are better than your GCSE grades this is a strong indication that you should choose a largely BTEC programme. This can be supplemented with an EPQ.

If you want extra challenge, then you can opt for our curriculum plus. This would mean studying three outcomes plus either a fourth A Level or Core Maths (AS) or EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Further Maths is also available for top mathematicians in the Upper Sixth. An Extended Project allows you to do a piece of research or performance on a subject of your choice. Many university courses accept the EPQ as equivalent to an AS, and those who do not, generally look favourably on students who have done research in the area that they have chosen to study.

Internal Applicants

Offers are made on the predicted grades of your teachers. However, if you fall one grade below your predictions, the offer will still be honoured.

New to South Craven Applicants

Offers are made on actual grades. You must gain the grades to meet the Minimum Entry Requirements.

We are still taking applications, however we will not be making any decisions now until results day in August, but it does speed up that process if we have your application form on file.

Apply online by filling in our application form, giving all relevant information to enable us to provide you with the most appropriate support and advice over the coming months. Upon receipt of your application form you will be required to attend a guidance interview to review your options and your career path.